Purchases Of $10,000 Or Greater

  • Mass General Brigham requires a Research Procurement Supplier Selection (RPSS) Form for each purchase totaling $10k or greater. This form is to be submitted with the requisition for the order. Please be sure to attach the completed RPSS Form and quote to your order request. There are two options for completing this form. You can use competing quotes or sole source justification.
  • You can use competing quotes to prove that one vendor is charging less than the other for the same exact order. The dollar amount on the quote that you intend to use must be less than the competing quote. If you choose to provide competing quotes do not complete the “Sole Source” section at the bottom of the form. Be sure to attach your competing quotes and your completed RPSS form to your order request.
  • If the selected supplier is the only supplier that can provide your order, this is considered a sole source purchase. For sole source purchases you will need to complete the entire RPSS form. If the vendor has been identified in your budget justification, you must attach your budget justification and award notice to your order request. As well as a completed RPSS form and the quote for your order.
  • Blank RPSS form available here:  Research Procurement Supplier Selection (RPSS) Form

Software Purchases

  • Orders from the ERIS software catalog must be placed through ERIS.
  • For Adobe software products email partners@insight.com for a quote.
  • For software purchases outside of ERIS or Insight you must get a quote from an MGB approved vendor and then submit an MGB Supply Chain Contracts Vendor / Third Party Contract Request. Choose “New Agreement” or “Renewal”.   You can’t place an order request until MGB Supply Chain has approved and signed your quote.

Computer Purchases

  • If you want to buy a monitor you can choose from the MGB IS Catalog of monitors.  If you want a Dell monitor that isn’t listed in their catalog email help@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu with the brand, model number and a URL to the monitor you want and ask for help getting a quote.
  • If you want to buy Apple Computer products please use these instructions to generate your own quote.
  • If you want to buy non-Apple computers email help@nmr.mgh.harvard.edu for help getting a quote.  Let them know your budget, and your hardware requirements.

To place an order using grant funds, use this external smartsheet order form:   https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/bee0adce8cc44131a0668c0c87a47c74

To place an order using Martinos Center Core funds (requires approval from Monica Langone), use this external smartsheet order form:   https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/9a510f2863644137b878da9633391c6d